An old and sick Chihuahua was left on the track, because unable to "produce" offspring.

An old and sick Chihuahua was left on the track, because unable to «produce» offspring.

Kay was left near the highway in the dead of winter. The two-kilogram Chihuahua had never lived on the street and had no idea what to do. Later it turned out that the owners used Kay as an incubator, and when she could no longer give birth to puppies for sale, she was simply taken out of town and left by the road.

The button walked absently along the road on her sick paws, trying to figure out what to do next, and her eyes expressed pain and bewilderment.

How long the little dog spent by the road, no one knows, but one day she was taken away and sent for overexposure, which has a very dubious reputation. Having learned about Kay and the fate that had befallen her, Kat and Lena immediately took her from overexposure and took her to a house that volunteers rent for animals. Then no one imagined what discoveries would be made in the future.

Kay was sent to the vets, and the doctors found a huge number of problems with it. The curvature of the paws was congenital, and among the acquired diseases, doctors diagnosed bronchitis, pyelonephritis, liver problems. An ultrasound scan showed that during the overexposure, where the animal was sent to “rescue”, it did not receive any food for at least several days. When the volunteers took Kay from the shelter, there was food in her bowls, but there was not much of it, and the granules were so huge that a small dog could not have eaten them with all its might.

Now the Chihuahua has a long period of treatment ahead of him, which will not come cheap.

Despite all the problems, Kay is very happy that a warm and safe corner has been found for her, where there is not only delicious food for her, but also warm clothes, because she does not tolerate cold very well. the dog is afraid that he will be left alone again, so he does not leave the volunteers a single step, he tries to cuddle up to people as often as possible.

Kay is not only affectionate, but also a smart animal. From her behavior, it is noticeable that she had a difficult life, but she did not lose the ability to trust people. The dog is about 9 years old, but in a good family that takes care of proper care, she will live for a very long time.

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