An injured dog with sad eyes lies under the house for several days and does not get up.

An injured dog with sad eyes lies under the house for several days and does not get up.

By the wall of the house, near the road, a dog was sitting. The animal was dirty, thin and sad. Long matted wool spoke of the fact that he had been living on the street for a long time, and the motionless paw testified that that life was not easy for him.

No one paid attention to the dog, no one except Dima. The guy has nothing to do with animal volunteers, but he has a good heart that did not allow him to simply turn away from the animal. Dima took the dog off the street and took it to the vet.

When Nataly from the Lisena Foundation found out about the history of the dog, she decided to help the animal. An examination by the veterinarian showed that the dog had been hit by a car. It happened a long time ago, all this time no one paid attention to the suffering of the dog.

The dog’s name is Yana. The chances of saving the paw were very small, the treatment required injections of an expensive drug. Nataly managed to find money thanks to the help of caring people.

Yana began to recover, he gained weight, his hair shone again. The dog happily began to walk. Thanks to the treatment and proper care, it was difficult to suspect a former tramp in a beautiful, well-fed dog.

A girl named Nata often came to visit Yana. She almost immediately realized that they would become friends with this dog, so, as soon as the treatment was completed, she took him to her house. Yana’s life has changed dramatically — until recently he lived on the street and no one noticed him, and now he has a house and a mistress who gives him all her attention.

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