After 5 years of waiting at the shelter, the dog found a family.

After 5 years of waiting at the shelter, the dog found a family.

Despite the years of marriage, the views of the spouses differed in many ways. The only common thing was the desire to help, both people and animals.

One warm summer day, the family went on a trip to an animal shelter. They got there quickly, although it was not so easy to find the old building on the outskirts of the city.

From the doorway, the abundance of cells was amazed, and even more so that in each of them there was much more than one animal. Michael walked between the rows of cages until he stopped near one of them. The man’s attention was attracted by the dog, which was sitting separately from the others. Unusual was the unusually sad look of the animal. As if sensing that the man was looking at it, the dog looked up. Despair and sadness in the look amazed, they were noticed not only by Michael, but also by his wife who approached him.

The couple did not even speak, they just looked at each other and both decided to take the dog with them. The reaction of the shelter staff, who struggled to convince the couple, was surprising. They said that the dog avoids people and behaves aggressively towards other animals, advised to look at other inhabitants and choose a more complaisant pet.

Elena and Michael didn’t abandon their decision. Once in their house, the dog became more docile, but at the same time, the dog turned into an ideal guard, and the sadness in his eyes began to gradually change into love and joy.

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