After 30 days, the dog left after the owner. Both gone forever.

After 30 days, the dog left after the owner. Both gone forever.

I don’t know who trained Zain, but he did an amazing job. This German Shepherd is very smart and obedient, for a long time she regularly served for the benefit of the state, but in her old age she was no longer needed by either the country or anyone else.

When Zain retired, she was taken in by a mentor with whom she worked together for many years. A quiet life in retirement did not last long. The man fell ill, and Zain stopped eating because of worries about the owner. The owner quickly faded away and at some point he was gone. We do not know the cause of death, but we know that Zain lived only a month longer than her master and left after him.

We do not know how long the disease lasted, but when we took the dog away, an examination by a veterinarian showed that 70% of the body was already affected by metastases. The oncologist could not say when the disease began to develop, all he could recommend was to put the dog to sleep so that it would not spend its last days in torment.

Not so long ago, Zain enjoyed every meeting we met, but now she could no longer get up and even eat on her own. The dog had no appetite all this time, as well as the desire to live. We were there and helped as much as we could, although perhaps the care would have been easier if in the last days the dog had been in his home, with a person he knew. After the death of her husband, his wife could not keep the shepherd dog for herself, we have no right to blame her for this.

Zain understood her position, there were no tears and whining, she lay and just waited for her life to end. That time has come and we can only hope that she is now with her mentor.

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