A woman rescued kittens from a shelter, but one of them constantly cried without a mother.

A woman rescued kittens from a shelter, but one of them constantly cried without a mother.

A Japanese animal shelter published on its website a foreign company about two newborn kittens that appeared in this institution. The employees of the shelter could not keep such kids for a long time, so they asked to pick them up as soon as possible. The search for a new family was a matter of days, and if it is not possible to find those who wish during this time, the kittens will be euthanized.

This announcement was noticed by Midori. The woman lived near the shelter and decided that she should help the kids. Almost immediately, Midori went to the shelter and took both kittens. Midori and her husband quickly chose names for their siblings: Hack and Koi. The kittens were very small, their weight was almost not felt, and they also cried continuously.

The spouses showed maximum love and care, this helped the kids quickly get used to the house. Koi grew up and turned into an affectionate and calm cat, but her brother Hack continued to cry often, especially the kitten did not like to be alone in the room.

The couple decided that the reason for the frequent crying of the kitten was the absence of the mother. They decided to replace it with a large soft toy. Hack had only to see the toy, as he immediately fell in love with it. Just a few minutes was enough for the kitten to explore the toy and fall asleep, sitting next to it.

Hack really liked the toy, he slept with her and even gave her a massage. From the outside, such an animal’s love for a toy looked funny, but for Midori and her husband it was important that the baby found a means of calming himself and stopped crying all the time.

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