A whole queue lined up to buy this kitten: he was born with two muzzles.

A whole queue lined up to buy this kitten: he was born with two muzzles.

Two years ago, a kitten was born on a farm in the suburbs of Albany. This story could go unnoticed, only the kitten has a very specific feature — it has two heads.

An unusual baby appeared in the most ordinary cat, which brought six babies at once. The cat was not sick with anything and her five children were absolutely normal and healthy, but the last one surprised everyone, because he was born with two muzzles. The owner of the cat posted a photo of an unusual animal on the social network, and this story almost immediately gained wide publicity.

The cat’s owners gave it a double name, so the right face was called Cookies, and the left one was called Gravy, because this is the name of one of the most beloved breakfast dishes by the locals.

Veterinarians explain the appearance of two faces in a cat with a mutated gene. The gene responsible for the width of the muzzle turned out to be defective, so the baby was born with two sets of eyes, a pair of noses and mouths. Despite his strange appearance, the cat is completely healthy and can live a long life, although he will need specific care for this.

After the cat became famous, his owners received dozens of offers to buy Cookie & Gravy. Almost immediately a real auction began, where bidders kept trying to raise bids. The excitement died down only after the owners of the animal categorically refused to sell it.

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