A tiny puppy lives alone in the mall and searches for his mother at night.

A tiny puppy lives alone in the mall and searches for his mother at night.

This cute puppy was separated from its mother by people, for reasons only they understand, and abandoned at the market. The puppy was very small, he pressed himself against the wall and did not know what to do next. The puppy had not yet learned to live without a mother, he did not know how to take care of himself on his own, and there was no one around who would want to take care of him.

Nata found the puppy at her trading pavilion. Arriving at work in the morning, she noticed the baby, who was just sitting in a puddle. The puppy was clearly well-groomed, it is obvious that his mother loved him.

Nata picked up the baby from the puddle and brought it into the pavilion. The puppy was clearly hungry, but was still very small and did not know how to eat on its own. The girl had to buy him baby food and bottle feed him. When the baby was full, the question arose: where to send the baby next? He was too small for a shelter, he could not get along with adult dogs at overexposures, in addition, enteritis dangerous for such a baby was rampant in all overexposures of the city.

Until the end of the working day, Nata did not decide what to do with the puppy, but she knew for sure that it was impossible to leave him on the street. The girl locked the dog up all night in the trading pavilion to be sure that he would live that night without incident.

Now a puppy named Chamomile lives in a pavilion in the market. Nata is with him during the day, and in the evening he is left completely alone. At night, Chamomile wanders around the dark pavilion, trying to find his mother. He often cries from loneliness and fear, but no one comes to comfort and calm him. In the morning Nata appears in the pavilion, she brings baby food to Chamomile and the puppy has company for several hours, this allows him to get rid of the feeling of loneliness at least for a short time. Nata called the puppy Chamomile for his resemblance to this simple but very cute puppy.

Chamomile is still quite small, but there have already been a lot of trials in his life. Quite a cub he was torn away from his mother, helpless and defenseless left on the street. Why were people so cruel to the baby? Animals, as well as people, have a soul, he also suffers, they just cannot tell anyone about it. Throwing such a baby out on the street is tantamount to putting a five-month-old baby out of the house and expecting to be taken care of.

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