A three-day-old kitten bitten by fleas was thrown into the store, but no one could help him.

A three-day-old kitten bitten by fleas was thrown into the store, but no one could help him.

Hannah Shaw is known in the US for her animal welfare work. The girl leads the social network, where she tells how she saves kittens. Hanna has been caring for furries all her life, often helping animals that everyone else has abandoned. It happened this time too: Hannah got a call and was told about a kitten that had been dropped off at a pet store. The kitten was only 4 days old, and its weight was 80 grams, which was critically small. Hanna was asked to take custody of the baby, and she could not refuse.

Hannah took the baby, she understood that she had a lot of worries, while no one gave guarantees that she would be able to get out such a tiny kitten. The girl was not used to giving up, so she immediately got down to business — she fed and warmed the kitten. The most difficult thing was to feed the baby, he needed a special mixture, it had to be given with a syringe and according to a strictly defined schedule. Already the first feeding came to the cat’s taste, she began to touch her paws with pleasure.

After the meal, Hanna took care of hygiene — she washed the kitten and brought out fleas for him. After a few days, the cat became noticeably stronger, she gradually gained weight. Hanna not only fed the baby, but also treated her for various diseases. The cat even had to take antibiotics.

The course of treatment took three weeks, but after that Henk, as Hannah called her ward, completely recovered. Hank befriends Cody, which is the name of Hannah’s kitten. The couple quickly became best friends, and Hannah was soon able to find a new home for them. The owners agreed to take two kittens at once, so the friends did not have to worry about separation.

Hannah is happy for the fate of her charges, but she knows she has yet to take care of the other kittens, and she is as determined as ever to help them.

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