A street dog tried several times to steal the soft toy from a store.

A street dog tried several times to steal the soft toy from a store.

In the American town of Kennansville in one of the stores there was an interesting story that changed the life of one dog.

In early spring, employees of a small store caught a rather unusual thief. This was not a person who was interested in money or products. A street dog sneaked into the store unnoticed. He quickly slipped through the doors when customers opened them. After the animal immediately made its way to the shelf, on which there were soft toys, but it was only interested in one thing — a cute unicorn. The dog took him in his teeth and tried to escape, but she did not succeed.

The pet has been caught stealing a plush unicorn five times. So the employees got fed up with this and they called the service for the supervision and protection of homeless animals. The officer who arrived at the store said that this case was the most unusual in her life. She put forward the theory that the dog was not just trying to steal the toy, but probably a similar unicorn was in the house in which he lived before.

The dog was taken to the shelter, but before that, the officer still bought this toy so that the animal was happy. This got the dog excited!

The dog was healthy and young, only a year old. They named the pet Corey. He treats people very friendly, but in relation to other dogs he shows impudence.

Shelter staff posted a photo of Corey with his toy on a social network. It quickly spread all over the Internet, so the service staff decided to make a whole photo shoot. She wowed users!

The very next day, Corey found a new home with loving owners. his plush friend was taken with him. So the toy turned out to be magical. The unicorn not only became the best friend of the dog, but also helped her find a new home.

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