A stray dog ​​rescued a girl drowning in a river

A stray dog ​​rescued a girl drowning in a river

The story took place in Ukhta on April 17, 2021. There, a dog that once had no home rescued a drowning 18 year old girl.

That day, as usual, Xenia take her dog named Gray for a walk , along the river. It was very early, around one in the morning. She let Gray off the leash and he ran freely nearby. But suddenly the pet disappeared from sight.

The Owner began to call the dog and in response there was a strong howl. Xenia moved in the direction where Gray howled and saw him on the river bank. He continued to howl, looking at the river. Then Xenia saw that a girl was drowning in the river, who was holding onto an ice floe and asked to help her .

Xenia didn’t take her phone with her. Then she ran to the nearest house, where people called the rescue service. They also tried to pull the girl out of the water themselves.

At that time an ice drift was going along the river, the current was very strong, but the girl was still able to hold out until the rescuers arrived, holding on to the ice floe and by the stick thrown to her by the people on the shore. Rescuers soon arrived and were able to pull out the drowning girl.

“Once we rescued this dog. And now he saved a man. After all, at such an early hour there are no people on the street, besides, the place is quite deserted » — this is what the volunteers who saved Gray, who was once homeless, wrote.

Two years ago, volunteers found Gray with a large bloody wound on his head. The veterinarian then suggested that the animal was doused with acid. Then they didn’t even think that he would be able to survive. The dog was in an extremely serious condition. But Gray turned out to be a real fighter and also found a home with a caring mistress .

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