A story about a cat who did not want to "move out" from the apartment sold by the owners.

A story about a cat who did not want to «move out» from the apartment sold by the owners.

The hero of this funny story was a cat who loved to walk very much.

Her family bought an apartment and began to settle down in it. So that the cat would not interfere with taking out the things of the previous owners and bringing in the property of the new ones, he was left to live with his parents for a while. The family settled quickly, as soon as the previous owners moved out, the next day a new family already lived in the apartment.

The previous owners of the apartment also had a cat, which they took with them, especially since people bought a new apartment just a couple of blocks from the previous housing.

On the very first night in the new apartment, the mistress of the house was left alone: ​​her husband went on duty on the night shift, and they did not have time to take the cat from his parents. The woman’s morning began with a loud meow. As soon as she opened her eyes, she went to feed the cat. already pouring food into the bowl, the woman realized that they had not yet brought their Ryzhik to a new place of residence. There really was a hungry cat in her kitchen, only he was gray, and her pet was red. The cat climbed into the apartment through an open window, because the living space was located on the ground floor.

Calling the previous owners of the apartment, the woman found out that it was their cat. After a night walk, the animal did not bother to learn a new route, but went to a well-known house where it had lived for many years. The woman took the cat to the owners, but the next morning he again sat in her kitchen, resolutely refusing to come to terms with the move.

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