A small street cat bravely defended a sausage from three big dogs.

A small street cat bravely defended a sausage from three big dogs.

The girl was returning home after a day spent within the walls of the college. On the sidewalk she noticed a cat, the animal was very small, and in front of him lay a sausage, almost the same size as the cat. The problem was that there were three large dogs around the cat at once, who barked and jumped at her, trying to take away food from the baby.

The cat hissed and tried to make himself look intimidating, it was noticeable. That she is determined to defend her prey. The girl was surprised at the great courage that the little cat showed, so she could not pass by and, having driven away the dogs, she took the baby.

The cat, who was named Fifty, was only three months old and has lived on the street since birth.

Despite her fighting nature, Fifty shows affection and tenderness towards her mistress, as if thanks to her for saving her from the street. Fifty also met another cat that lives with the girl. The animals have not become best friends, but they try to respect each other’s boundaries.

Fifty grew up and became calmer, but she remained fearless and assertive. The little girl was very lucky, because in an almost hopeless situation, she not only saved her lunch, but also found a family.

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