A small dog on a heavy chain was found in a landfill.

A small dog on a heavy chain was found in a landfill.

It was almost impossible to notice a small dog among the mountains of garbage. The dog would have happily run away, but was chained to the place by a huge chain that limited his freedom of movement. Even if he managed to free himself from the chain, the dog could not live on the street for a long time, he did not have the strength and health left for the difficult struggle for existence.

The dog was very homesick for the man who had recently taken care of him, but now he simply did not appear for a very long time. The owner of the animal became very ill, she could not take care of the animal, and her family did not even think about helping the poor dog.

Living a hundred meters from the dump where the dog was chained, they never came just to feed the animal. And so they found the dog — held by a chain among the mountains of garbage.

The dog had already come to terms with his fate and was just waiting for life to finally leave his body. Sadness and despair, a feeling of constant fear settled in the soul of the dog. The dog was ready to do anything for a piece of stale bread, and the people who lived nearby spared even such a treat for him.

The dog is too weak to survive on his own, so today we agreed with the zoo hotel to take him away, feed him and take him to the vet.

I really want to believe that the dog will be able to quickly find a caring and responsible family, because then his recovery will be much faster.

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