A small cat, unlike the others because of its appearance, needed to be taken care of.

A small cat, unlike the others because of its appearance, needed to be taken care of.

When this cat was found on the street, she was severely emaciated. She was diagnosed with a congenital cleft palate, fleas, and she also moved staggeringly.

This story took place in Oregon, USA. The little foundling was immediately transferred to the Oregon Animal Rescue Center, as he needed urgent help. The cat staggered when walking, she had fleas and a congenital cleft palate.

When the cat was rid of annoying fleas, washed and fed, she became more active. After a detailed examination, the baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (fluid accumulation in the brain) and partial blindness. She needed special care and a caring owner.

One of the workers of the shelter, having learned about the condition of the animal, sincerely fell in love with him. She and her boyfriend decided that they could take care of the baby.

Now the cat is called Penelope. She quickly got used to a new place of residence, loves to play with toys and often fawns on loving owners. The features of the development of the cat did not make her less active and beautiful.

Penelope has partially left her eyesight, so she can be friends with other cats that live with her. But most of all she likes to lie in the arms with her master Denny.

She always wants to be near him, sleeps next to him and the like. As it turned out, they have a mutual love.

Today the kitty enjoys every day and does not forget to express gratitude to the owners who gave her a chance for a full life. Penelope grows up and surprises her owners every day with her new successes. We wish them happiness.

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