A small cat cannot do without this thing for a day and walks in it every day.

A small cat cannot do without this thing for a day and walks in it every day.

Cat Cinnamon is already about 17 years old, which is more than an honorable age for representatives of that species. All her life, Cinnamon lived with Emma Parsens, but recently a new person appeared in their house. During the quarantine and prolonged self-isolation, her sister moved in with Emma.

The guest turned out to be a real fan of needlework, she constantly knitted and made something from fabric. The woman continued her favorite pastime in her sister’s house, deciding to make a cashmere scarf. The yarn for the scarf was very thin and delicate, but the work was never completed because the yarn ran out, and it was impossible to buy a new one — because of the restrictions, shops were closed. An untied scarf turned out to be very short, it would not fit even a child, let alone an adult.

Unexpectedly for everyone, Cinnamon liked the scarf. The cat knew at first glance that this thing would suit her. Sazu Cinnamon just lay on a scarf, but when the women decided to tie it on her, she was completely delighted.

Now every morning Cinnamon begins with the fact that she insistently demands to tie her scarf. The cat spins around the scarf and meows until the thing is around her neck, and she agrees to take it off only late at night.

Emma decided to share photos and videos of a cat in an unusual outfit on social networks, and in just a couple of days, almost half a million subscribers appreciated the funny cat outfit.

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