A skinny Dalmatian froze at the dumpsters.

A skinny Dalmatian froze at the dumpsters.

The dog is in critical condition. His body is exhausted.

The Dalmatian has dehydration, frostbite in some areas and damage to the head. A homeless man found the dog frozen to the dumpsters. It’s incredible!

How can this be? Hasn’t a single person noticed this emaciated dog who was begging for help before?

The Dalmatian has severe frostbite in the shoulder blade area. In addition, he has severe damage to the head and legs. I am completely silent about exhaustion.

It is not known how long the poor fellow went without food. It resembles a skeleton, which is simply covered with wool.

Many purulent discharges. It is not clear what’s wrong with the internal organs of the Dalmatian. Its temperature is so low that it simply cannot be measured.

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