A sick kitten was sitting on the street, but everyone passed by.

A sick kitten was sitting on the street, but everyone passed by.

Summer was drawing to a close. The baby was sitting in a crowded place on the street. The little cat did not meow, did not follow anyone, she just sat in one place in the hope that someone would turn their attention to her and help her. The disease «ate» the kitten’s body, she could no longer cope with this virus alone. And at that moment a volunteer saw her. Not afraid of the cat, she took the baby to her.

The doctors were able to work a miracle by returning the kitten from the other world, they cured the disease, but due to long-term treatment with various drugs, a problem with mycosis began. A scraping was made, which showed that the baby had Malassezia fungus. The veterinarian prescribed long-term treatment after the diagnosis was established.

When the disease completely receded, the cat was sterilized. When the curator already wanted to start looking for her a house, another problem arose — problems with the eye returned. She was so tearful that the hair around her eye began to fall out. The doctors were at a loss, because there was no longer a clamp on the lacrimal canal. They prescribed medication, which helped, thank God.

About a year after the cat was found, the guardian decided to keep her. She realized that after everything that they had experienced, she could no longer trust anyone to take care of the girl. The animal became the fourth in the curator’s family.

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