A sick blind puppy was ignored by all passers-by on the street.

A sick blind puppy was ignored by all passers-by on the street.

When you are very small, this world seems very big and scary. It is hard to realize that you are all alone, left to fend for yourself without any help. This is how the little kitten felt.

The baby was hungry, sick and lonely. All passers-by ignored the kitten, no one even offered it food and drink. The baby was about three months old. This little fluffy ball experienced pain, fear, loneliness and despair.

It would just be interesting to know how many people just passed by indifferently, completely ignoring this little living creature in need of help.

The baby doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink, it doesn’t know what human warmth and care are. When the baby tried to cross the road to find some food, it’s condition was critical. At that very moment a man noticed it.

The man saw a small trembling kitten and was moved by this sight. He fed the baby and helped it.

Now the kitten realizes that it has hope for a good future, because there are still good people in the world. After all, the baby does not need so much — a cozy home, care and a loving family.

The man took the little cat to the vet. The doctor said that most likely, the animal will always be blind. Unfortunately, street life has taken a huge toll on this fluffy girl’s health. Fortunately, she now has a loving owner. The man who saved the baby took her to his home. Now the kitten will have a loving family.

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