A pit bull gave up his birthing booth to a pregnant cat. That's what real men do.

A pit bull gave up his birthing booth to a pregnant cat. That’s what real men do.

We want to tell you a touching story that happened in Tijuan, Mexico. The guy had a pit bull dog named Hades. Despite the formidable appearance and nickname. Given in honor of the mythical Greek god of the realm of the dead, the dog was kind, playful and friendly.

The guy began to notice that a cat began to appear in his yard. He still could not get close to her, as she immediately ran away. Therefore, the young man simply began to leave food for her. The pit bull saw how his owner takes care of the cat and therefore also felt sympathy for the tailed one.

Once the guy heard that Hades was scratching at the door. He opened it and realized that the dog wanted to show him something, as he barked and started walking somewhere. The pit bull led the owner to his booth. The young man looked into it and saw the cat lying there, which he was feeding. He immediately knew that she was about to give birth. The most interesting thing is that the cat was lying on a blanket that only Hades could bring to her, because the guy did not leave him there. Probably, the cat felt that she would soon give birth and came to the only person whom she somehow trusted.

Soon two babies were born. The young man took the cat family into the house. He named the cat Nick. The pit bull made friends with the tailed one Lnd now they spend a lot of time together. Looking at this amazing friendship, the guy decided that he could not separate this couple, so he decided to keep the cat. And kittens, when they can eat on their own, will find homes with good owners.

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