A neglected exotic cat was spared a ball of matted fur. See what he's become.

A neglected exotic cat was spared a ball of matted fur. See what he’s become.

A cat named Gobo decreased at least twice when he was cut, getting rid of a huge amount of regrown and matted hair.

This cat lived in the home of a mentally ill person in the company of many other animals. He was kept in a locked cage, not allowed to leave it. Not so long ago, volunteers from the protection center reached this place and rescued the animals. So Gobo ended up in a shelter.

No one sterilized or combed the cats from that house, they were all in an incredibly poor condition, they were ill with a variety of diseases.

The Gobo’s fur was tangled to such an extent that it would not be possible to comb it. After inspection, it was decided to cut it off completely.

The cat’s claws have grown into his paws, causing him incredible pain. Gobo was simply deprived of the ability to sharpen his claws, being locked in a cage.

All hygiene procedures took about two hours. The wool that was sheared from Gobo, in size, lying in a pile, exceeded the cat itself. Her weight was about three hundred grams.

Also, the cat had to treat the eyes. Otherwise, his condition was more or less stable, despite all the trials that he had to overcome.

Gobo was left at the shelter until his hair grows back. After that, new owners will be found for him, so that this exhausted cat will have a real home and people who will take care of him.

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