A married couple heard an incomprehensible sound from the trash can, and there was a kitten.

A married couple heard an incomprehensible sound from the trash can, and there was a kitten.

A husband and wife from Fresno County went for a walk, their route passed the county department of education, and it was here that a simple afternoon boardwalk turned into a real rescue operation.

Jennifer and Jim went for a little walk around the city, but when they turned into one of the lanes in the center, they suddenly heard crying.

The sound was very quiet, it seemed to Jennifer that it was a bird trill, but the couple still stopped and began to listen carefully. A few seconds later, a loud meow was heard and it immediately became clear that this was not a bird at all, but a cat desperately asking for help.

The spouses realized that the sound was coming from the garbage can, but they could not go up and look inside, because the tank was in the courtyard, closed with a metal fence and gates. “We understood that the kitten was in the trash can, but we couldn’t see it, because it was deep inside, and the gate prevented us from getting closer,” says Jennifer.

Local residents came to the rescue of the Jovino family. 

Six men brought tools and began to open the gate. As soon as the locks gave way and the path was open, Jennifer immediately ran to the tank to help the animal. The kitten turned out to be very shy and, seeing a man next to him, rushed to run in horror. The kid jumped out the gate and hid under one of the cars parked in the alley.

“Immediately, the kitten climbed under the van, and then, to our horror, climbed to the engine”.

The man also had to open the hood of the van, fortunately, they managed to find the baby under the hood and carefully pull him out. Jennifer says she felt real relief only after the baby was in her arms.

For the baby, they managed to find a T-shirt in which he was wrapped so that he would not run away again. After a few minutes of stroking and sniffing, the kitten relaxed and purred, escaping from people was no longer part of his plans.

«He was still wary of us, but the warmth and affection made him become a lot friendlier».

The kitten was named Fulton. Very soon, the baby completely trusted people, he settled comfortably in a T-shirt and with great pleasure allowed himself to be stroked.

The Jovino family handed over the kitten to a California organization that helps animals, where they quickly found an overexposure, where a couple of kittens rescued from the street already lived.

Fulton really likes his temporary home, because it is safe, warm, he always has food and comrades to play with.

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