A man took 2 pit bulls from a shelter, after a while they thanked him.

A man took 2 pit bulls from a shelter, after a while they thanked him.

These two pit bulls had a difficult life, the owners decided to abandon them and so the dogs ended up in a shelter. The man was not afraid to take the pit bulls and give them a house, and for that they helped him protect both his house and his life…

Pit bulls named Ellabell and Ladybug didn’t have an easy life. In the end they met in a shelter, where they ended up after the refusal of the owners. The dogs were unhappy, frightened, it was noticeable that they had been offended and beaten before.

The appearance of Robert McGowan in the shelter was a real miracle in the life of Ellabell and Ladybug. The man wanted to take the dog, but when he saw that couple, he realized that it was they who would take them home.

The dogs quickly became attached to Robert, they did their best to show how important it was for them that he gave them a home and care. Recently, pit bulls had a chance to prove their devotion in practice.

Robert was in the garage fixing the car when 4 intruders showed up at the door. One of the uninvited guests hit the owner of the house and he fell to the floor. The criminals began to demand the keys to the car, Robert explained to them that he had left them in the house.

One of the criminals went to the house, but as soon as he opened the doors he ran into two pit bulls, determined to protect their home and their owner. The dogs ran out of the house and began to bark intimidatingly at the uninvited guests. Frightened criminals quickly moved back.

“My dogs immediately ran up to me to protect me from bullies. They didn’t take their eyes off the robbers and barked intimidatingly, showing that it was not worth joking with them,” Robert recalls that moment.

The dogs behaved very courageously, they were able to defend Robert’s car, the man himself, thanks to them, escaped with only a black eye.

Robert treated his pets with dog treats, thanking them for their help. “They became a burden to the former owners and because of this they ended up on the street. for me, these girls have become a family, they have proved that they also value their home and me, ”says Robert and urges others not to be afraid to take dogs from shelters, because they can become your best friends.

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