A living parcel was waiting at the door of my house.

A living parcel was waiting at the door of my house.

I respect people who don’t get pets because they don’t need them. After all, they don’t throw them out into the street. However, there are those who for some reason take the animal, and then don’t know what to do with it.

Perhaps that was the case this time as well. The couple decided to get a cat, but soon they broke up, and the cat ended up on the street. After the man decided to return the cat in order to take revenge through her ex-girlfriend. But the striped one managed to get pregnant. The man realized this when she dipped. By this time he had already managed to find the next soul mate.

It was not easy for the kitty there, to put it mildly. She was hardly fed and was offended all the time. They wanted to remove five kids completely. My friend, when occasionally visiting them, persuaded to give the animals to me.

So, the mother cat and kittens were brought to me.

On examination at the veterinarian, an injury was found near the tail of the cat. In addition, the poor thing had scars all over her body.

The kittens were weak, the cat was exhausted, so it was necessary to feed them.

I put them in a separate cage. All the kittens have already opened their eyes, among the four boys there is only one girl. The kitty the first day all the time was near the bowl, eating off.

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