A kitty, with a stunningly beautiful squirrel tail.

A kitty, with a stunningly beautiful squirrel tail.

Meet Bella. She lives in a mysterious and strange Japan. Bella has a «Napoleonic» breed, which has one amazing property created by nature.

It does not represent any benefit, except for a large number of likes on social networks. That is why we decided to tell you about this kitty, or rather about its incredible tail.

Bella has a very long and fluffy tail, it weighs a lot, so it is impossible to control it. Basically, the cat’s tail is curled over its back by itself. In addition, the cat has short legs, a round face and it is very fluffy all over. As a result, it is often confused with squirrel. However Bella no longer pays attention to it.

As befits a star, Bella eats heavily, sleeps a lot and is photographed a lot. No special occasion is needed to show everyone a unique kitty with beautiful fur. Bella conquers everyone with her beauty, so the number of fans is growing all the time.

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