A hurricane wind rose and a downpour began, and a small kitten sat and cried in the street.

A hurricane wind rose and a downpour began, and a small kitten sat and cried in the street.

There was a severe storm in Arizona. The wind blew in strong gusts, heavy rain hid everything around behind a wall of water. It was not safe to be outside, so everyone was in a hurry to hide in their homes. Before heading home, the wife drove up to the Burger King window to buy herself some food. She had not even had time to place an order when she heard a squeak, and looking closely she saw a small black kitten on the street. The woman immediately got out of the car into the rain and took the animal. The kitten was so small and light that it was surprising that it was not blown away by a gust of wind.

Women took the baby home and called the shelter. Soon the volunteers took the animal. In the shelter, the baby was washed, dried and warmed, and then fed. The kitten was examined by a veterinarian, who did not find any serious illnesses in him except for being too small. The baby was named Whopper.

After a couple of hours, the kitten got used to it, although it began to cry plaintively as soon as it noticed that all the people had left the room. The newcomer’s meow was heard by Nitro, a cat who had been living in the shelter for a long time. The cat came to the baby and took him under her care. For the beginning, Nitro licked the baby, and then lay down next to him and he quickly fell asleep. Over the next few days, Nitro did her best to take care of the little ones and very soon he began to gain weight.

At the shelter, Whopper met other animals, and Poppy the kitten quickly became his best friend. Kids often play and relax together.

In a few weeks, Whopper fully settled into the shelter, and soon a family was found for him. Now the kitten is happy, because he is safe, surrounded by care and love.

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