A homeless cat was protecting the lost dog. How did this story end?

A homeless cat was protecting the lost dog. How did this story end?

Aline and her family were very worried about the loss of their pet. More specifically a puppy named Little. Only recently the family began to walk with him, when all the vaccinations were done. Aline was playing with her pet in the yard and suddenly an alarm went off in one car. Little was greatly frightened by this sound and ran away. The owner could not find him. For a week, the whole family was looking for the baby, but this didn’t bring any results. Probably, the animal ran too far from home and couldn’t find the way back .

All this time Aline was very worried and considered herself to be guilty for the disappearance of the puppy. The family didn’t stop looking for their favorite pet, exploring the streets of the city. They posted ads, wrote posts on social networks, but no one responded to them. But Aline continued to believe that Little would return to her.

At this time a girl named Marina was on vacation. She often went for a walk with her dog. Once she found a small puppy sitting in the bushes in the yard. When Marina approached to it, the animal ran away. The next morning, the girl spotted the puppy again while drinking coffee on the balcony.

But this time the kid was not alone, he was in the company of street cats. The tailed beasts shared food with the dog, which was poured by the kind residents of the house near the entrance. The puppy tried to crawl over the heads of the cats to eat.

Suddenly one of the cats moved away from the feed, giving way to the doggie. But the rest of the pets did not want to share food with the baby and tried to scare him away. The gray cat, which gave way to the dog, began to hiss at them and protected the baby. Little ate, and then lay down in the sun.

Marina in the evening also poured food for the cats and everything repeated. The same cat continued to protect the puppy from the rest of the tailed animals so that he could eat. Apparently, the cat became a protector for the doggie.

Marina told her colleague at work about this. And the colleague shared  with her friend, whose name is Aline which was written about at the very beginning. Aline went to Marina’s yard and waited for homeless cats all day.

Closer to the night the girl saw the puppy, and immediately found out that it was Little. She called him by name and he immediately ran up to her.

But besides her puppy, Aline decided to take the gray cat, who became a protector for Little. After all, if it were not, then it is not known what would have happened to the dog.

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