A homeless cat brought her cubs to a woman to help them.

A homeless cat brought her cubs to a woman to help them.

In her backyard, a girl named Lia saw a black kitty. She was homeless and the girl thought she was hungry. She brought her food and drink.

The girl gave the cat a name — Laura. She cooked her food and waited for the fluffy beauty to come to visit. Over time, Lia noticed that the kitty had fatten a lot, and it was not about food. She turned out to be pregnant.

A few weeks later, when the cat had already given birth, she decided that it was time to carry her babies home to the kind girl. Laura brought them one at a time to the porch. The little ones looked like smaller versions of their mother. All six cubs were at Lia’s door and she realized that she needed to help them.

The girl invited the whole family to her home. They finally got to safety. But it was a temporary place for the kids, they needed to be taken somewhere.

The girl posted a photo of these black cubs on a social network and immediately kind people began to appear who were ready to take them to themselves.

And all thanks to their brave mom, who was not afraid to ask people for help and saved her children.

The girl kept Laura for herself, because she loved her very much.

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