A frozen cat lay on the snow, showing no signs of life.

A frozen cat lay on the snow, showing no signs of life.

It was December. It was very cold outside, below 20 degrees. One of the warehouse guards was making a round of the territory and noticed a cat lying in the snow. The poor fellow was already numb from the cold.

The man says that he was completely sure — the cat froze and died. However, suddenly the animal moved slightly. The barrel of the cat rose a little, and then fell. This meant that the cat was alive.

The poor fellow was extremely emaciated — skin and bones. The guards carried the cat to their change house and turned on the heater. Then they went to social networks and posted photos of the foundling. After a while, volunteers arrived at the warehouse.

The animal lay on the couch and sometimes cried out from strong pain sensations. One can only guess what kind of nightmare he had to endure earlier. It is not clear how the cat survived at all. He was so cold that his body literally turned to stone.

Perhaps he found the strength to live because he felt needed. After all, the cat fell asleep with a draw, and woke up in the arms of a person. Feeling needed is the most important factor for any living being.

However, it was too early to rejoice. Still had to fight for the life and health of the cat. Volunteers wrapped the baby in a warm blanket, put him in a cardboard house and took him to the hospital. Next, doctors had to fight for his health. The forecasts were extremely unfavorable.

The main factor that played a decisive role in this story is the cat’s huge thirst for life. He realized that someone needed him, so he simply had to live. Soon he began to eat a little. The cat choked on food, then fell asleep, woke up and again continued to fight for life. He was regularly put on drips. A miracle has come! The cat came back to life. Of course, frostbite did not go unnoticed. The cat’s hind legs failed. Their muscles atrophied.

After treatment, a volunteer girl took the cat for overexposure. They named him Donald. This cat needed human care more than food. It was human support that helped him survive. Soon Donald gained weight, he could frolic and play.

That same summer, the cat was taken to a caring family. Fate thanked the cat for all the trials that he endured.

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