A frightened and frozen Persian cat huddled in an old tire, afraid to move.

A frightened and frozen Persian cat huddled in an old tire, afraid to move.

There were no residential buildings in this area, so people rarely appeared here. Passers-by, who happened to be here, noticed a cat nestled in an old car tire. The cat was clearly frozen, he spent some time without food and water, no one could say whether it was several hours or days. The animal did not want to leave its shelter.

People informed the staff of the animal shelter about the unexpected find. when the volunteers arrived at the scene, it took them a lot of effort to pull the cat out of the tire. The animal offered no resistance, but it was shaking from both cold and fear. The veterinarian claims that until recently the cat had a home. The animal is clean and well-groomed, at one time the owners castrated it.

Toma took care of the cat. She tried to find his owners, but to no avail. The cat was named Sean. For several days the cat could not cope with his stress, he looked around in fear and refused to eat. The veterinarian prescribed Sean sedatives, which helped to cope with his condition.

Sean stayed in the clinic for quite some time. He did not trust people, but at the same time, he did not show any aggression, he just looked around with a frightened look. The cat did not spend long on the street, but his coat managed to get tangled, tangles appeared, so Sean was sent for a haircut.

While Sean was coping with stress, Toma began looking for a new home for him. Very soon a family was found who wanted to take Sean for themselves. Love and care transformed the cat, from a frightened animal he turned into a self-confident handsome man.

In the new house, Sean has friends, he is loved and cherished, so he became calm and affectionate.

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