A dog with puppies was tied up in a destroyed house, they wanted to save people from them.

A dog with puppies was tied up in a destroyed house, they wanted to save people from them.

This dog protected puppies from people, and she never behaved aggressively. But people treated her differently. They tried in every possible way to get rid of not only the poor dog, but also its cubs. She was offended, but she endured and did not understand why they treated her like that.

All animals are sensitive and vulnerable creatures, but not everyone can understand this. We tried to save Gerda’s family on our own, we wanted to catch her and the cubs. However, we didn’t get anything.

We wanted to buy a trap cage, we would still need it more than once. Unfortunately, there were not enough funds, and they were not allowed to buy on credit. Therefore, for now, this cell remains an unrealizable dream.

It was very dangerous to leave the puppies and Gerda in this position. While we were coming and feeding Gerda with the kids, a plan had matured in my head. We decided to call the service of trapping.

The price of this service is nine thousand rubles. We had enough money for it. There were some problems with transport, but they were solved. We took the savings out of the funds set aside for cat food.

The guys from the catching service worked clearly and promptly. None of the dogs were harmed. The trappers had to work hard to get the kids out of the rubble, but they did their job. Now all the terrible things are behind.

Of course, Gerda and her cubs were scared, but no one was hurt. The dog has three kids: two sons and a cute daughter.

We did not have enough money to buy dog ​​food and vaccinations. The money from the cat piggy bank has already been spent. We only had a little bit of cereal and meat left for the dogs.

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