A dog in a green jacket as a symbol of humanity.

A dog in a green jacket as a symbol of humanity.

The story took place in the United States, Massachusetts. It was rainy, cold and damp that day. People are in a hurry, fleeing the rain and the wind that pierces to the bone. Christine Hawley stood at the bus stop, shivering from the cold, waiting for the bus. By chance, the girl noticed a woman with a dog.

It was evident that the woman was in a hurry, running about her urgent business. She had a dog with her, who was more likely to interfere than to help. The hostess had to go to the post office, but she was not allowed there with the animal. Therefore, she had to leave the dog on the street, tied to a post.

Now imagine this picture: cold, the wind is penetrating, it is raining and the dog is outside. the hostess must go to the post office, where animals are not allowed. A few minutes later, the dog began to freeze and tremble all over.

But after that something unusual happened: the owner of the pet, apparently realized that she could not cope quickly and ran out into the street. She rushed to the dog with a worried expression on her face. She hesitated for about five seconds, and then she took off her jacket and wrapped it around the dog to keep him warm.

A few seconds later the woman, who had already walked to the door of the post office, came back and zipped her jacket. Now the dog was warm and comfortable. And rain and wind are not so bad.

Christine could not help herself…

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