A couple saw a photo of a sad dog on the Internet and decided to take it, despite warnings.

A couple saw a photo of a sad dog on the Internet and decided to take it, despite warnings.

As soon as Monica saw the photo of this sad dog, she realized that she had always dreamed of such a pet.

Benny is a homeless dog who was found in Los Angeles and assigned to a shelter. He had a very sad face and a drooping look. Benny was a shy and scared dog. He was allergic to fleas. The animal had almost no coat. The couple realized that they wanted to give this poor fellow happiness. They spent six hours on the road, but they took Benny.

When the couple arrived at the shelter and announced their desire to take Benny in, all the staff were shocked. Shelter workers told the couple that the dog is very unsociable and does not get along well with people. However, they did not want to put him to sleep because the baby was completely healthy.

Benny was very frightened when he was taken to a new home, but there is nothing to be surprised at, because he had to go through many difficult trials. When the dog was in the house, he behaved as the workers of the shelter predicted. The dog did not make contact and absolutely did not want to communicate with the new owners. However, after a couple of days, his behavior changed dramatically.

As soon as the dog realized that he was with kind people and nothing threatened him, he began to behave differently. The dog was open and affectionate.

Monica tells the following about her pet:

“He loves to come up and lick our sleepy faces. Benny also loves to play with his toys. He is an unusually kind and cheerful dog.»

The dog lives with new owners for only three weeks. During this short period of time, Benny became a full member of their family.

The story of this dog proves once again that love and care is what works wonders. An animal with any appearance and character deserves love.

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