A couple adopted a cat from a shelter, and she ended up with a "surprise".

A couple adopted a cat from a shelter, and she ended up with a «surprise».

A couple from the USA decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. They chose a very ordinary cat, but with a bright red color. In the shelter, the new owners were told that the cat had lived in the house before the shelter, that she was well-mannered and kind. The new owner was embarrassed by the cat’s rounded belly, but the shelter assured him that this was the result of good nutrition from the previous owners. The guy believed, and his girlfriend only smiled at such arguments of the volunteers.

After a while, the cat herself revealed the “secret” of a rounded belly, bringing 7 babies into the house. The guy was very surprised at such a replenishment, but the kids quickly won his heart. The girl admitted that even in the shelter she realized that the cat would soon become a mother, but did not admit it. The guy was so fascinated by the little kittens that he couldn’t even get mad at his girlfriend.

When the kids got a little stronger, they visited the veterinarian with their mother, the doctor examined the whole family and gave them the necessary vaccinations. When the kittens became independent, a new family was found for each of them.

The owners of the cat did not want to be separated from the kids, but they also could not keep so many animals. The consolation for the couple was the fact that each of the kittens will now have their own loving family. The ginger cat remained to live in the house of her owners, but they took care of her sterilization.

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