A cat without front paws and a tail no longer hoped to find a family.

A cat without front paws and a tail no longer hoped to find a family.

A homeless cat was walking through the streets of Thailand when he spotted a bird nearby. The cat decided that the bird would be his today’s prey and rushed after it. The chase was long and at some point, pursuing its goal, the cat ended up on the roof, and then jumped off it. Unfortunately, there was a transformer box below, several wires of which were exposed. The cat was severely electrocuted, but, surprisingly, he survived.

A woman noticed the injured animal, she picked up the cat and took it to the clinic. Due to electric shock, veterinarians had to amputate the cat’s front paws and tail. The woman decided to take the cat from the clinic, she looked after him and it was her care that brought the animal back to life.

This story was only known two years after the incident, when the owner of Abel, the cat got that name, decided to share it with the media.

The woman says that in spite of everything, the cat is quite satisfied with his life and his behavior differs little from how his healthy counterparts behave. The cat loves to walk in the house and on the street, the only pity is that other animals do not want to be friends with him. Abel loves her mistress very much, and she tries to spend as much time with him as possible, as do the rest of her family.

The absence of front paws does not prevent the cat from moving, he even learned to climb the stairs. Being everyone’s favorite, Abel is quite spoiled in both entertainment and food.

The owners love their pet and often share his photo in social networks. In the comments, an unusual cat has already been called a fluffy kangaroo.

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