A cat with a stunning color that seems to be painted.

A cat with a stunning color that seems to be painted.

When you first see Katie, it seems like someone painted her. It’s just that in nature it is very rare to find a color with such a clear separation. Animals with a similar color can be easily counted and Katie entered their small list.

The cat is two years old and she lives in Thailand. The owner claims that at first she did not know about Katie’s unique color. Or rather, explained it by another factor. The thing is that the cat of mixed blood is half Persian and half Scot. Therefore, the hostess thought that the cat had such a unique appearance due to the mixing of breeds, but this is wrong.

In fact, it would be best to do a genetic analysis before stating anything. However, it is clear to many that Katie is a chimera. This happens when cells of two different individuals appear in one organism, for example, with the partial absorption of one embryo by another.

Basically because of this, a lot of problems arise and as a result the creature dies. However, it happens that it survives and such creatures are called chimeras, that is, it has different DNA, different parts of the body! This is the secret of this cat with an amazing color.

Besides her unique appearance, Katy is an excellent hunter of cockroaches and toilet paper. If she can catch as many cockroaches as she wants, then toilet paper is the cause of quarrels. The cat cannot resist when she sees a roll of toilet paper, she immediately rushes to gut it to shreds.

So the landlady hides the toilet paper away, since Cathy can destroy all the supplies in one day. On her page on the social network, the hostess writes, and at the same time does not joke, that those who want to please Katie send toilet paper.

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