A cat with a broken spine was able to save five of her babies.

A cat with a broken spine was able to save five of her babies.

This amazing story amazed and delighted local animal advocates. Homeless cat Masha turned out to be a real mother-heroine! The animal was severely injured by a man, someone broke his spine, presumably hit with a shovel.

However, this did not affect Masha’s care for her five kittens! The poor thing moved with great difficulty, but did not abandon the kids! She took care of them with the last of her strength so that the kittens would not die.

Masha was able to find a relatively warm and safe place for her babies, because it was winter outside. The cat family took refuge in an abandoned house.

Despite the terrible pain, the cat got food and therefore was able to feed all her offspring!

Thank God, animal advocates have become aware of a cat family with a sick mother. All were taken from an abandoned house and taken to the vet. They all needed help.

Despite the fact that Masha tried very hard, all the kittens turned out to be underweight. However, with proper nutrition and care, all this is fixable.

The veterinarians said that the cat not only had a broken spine, but also had a stroke.

Now Masha is being treated, her life is no longer in danger. The cat is able to move on its own, quickly accustomed to the tray. Sometimes the poor thing loses its balance while walking and falls to one side.

Now the animals are in the veterinary clinic, but volunteers are looking for their owners or, for starters, overexposure.

And Masha deserved the best hosts, because she is a real mother-heroine!

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