A cat who loves to walk very much, one day came home with a note.

A cat who loves to walk very much, one day came home with a note.

Emily Crane’s kitten Rex is almost ten years old. The girl brought it from the orphanage. The kitten became large and very affectionate, he not only didn’t feel fear of strangers, but on the contrary, tried in every possible way to get their attention.

Rex loves to be stroked and it does not matter whether the hostess or the guests of the house does it.

At first, Rex was almost always at home, but gradually the girl began to let him out into the yard for short walks, which became more frequent and longer.

The cat did not limit itself to its territory and often dropped in to neighboring yards, where the animal was welcomed. Emily somehow found out that Rex had a special relationship with some of the neighbors.

When the cat returned from another absence, a note was attached to its collar.

“Hi, I live near you. I just wanted to tell you that your cat has an unexpected sympathy for our bathroom. He often comes to our house, sneaks into the bathroom and just lies in it. We are not worried about his behavior. He is a cute cat and our family likes him, just if you look for him one day, you should know — there is a high probability that he is sleeping in our bathroom» .

She laughed heartily as she read the note, then attached a reply to Rex’s collar expressing her appreciation for their patience and hospitality.

Emily is proud that her cat knows how to find a common language with people and is happy that her neighbors respond with friendship and sympathy to Rex’s love.

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