A cat was found on the street with a note: «Do not touch the cat. He is punished».

A cat was found on the street with a note: «Do not touch the cat. He is punished».

A sad cat was sitting near the entrance of an ordinary residential building, and a note lay next to it. The animal was in a rather deplorable state — matted hair and flea bites. The pet was thin and frightened, pressed against the basement doors, as if every human movement frightened him. He probably wasn’t used to expecting anything good from people.

One of our volunteers was the first to notice the cat, called and asked: «What should I do?»

Leave the tailed beast or pick it up? We asked him to ask around local residents, maybe someone knows this cat. However, polling people did not help, no one knew where this cat came from. Many dogs lived near the house, and the cat could not escape, so we took the pet to the shelter.

At the shelter, it was necessary to spend energy to bathe the cat. We don’t have hot water, so we had to heat the kettle several times. And now, after an hour or two, the cat became clean and smelled pleasantly of shampoo. It ate well, it was not even frightened by a large number of relatives and fell asleep. Probably tired.

But we understood that the pet most likely has an owner, although it was in poor condition for a domestic cat. As a result, we managed to find people in the next house who knew who the owner of this cat was. We went to this man and found out that he kicked out the cat because it didn’t catch mice.

He so wanted to punish the animal and teach it how to catch rodents. Note that that person is a drinker, it was immediately obvious. The mess we saw at his house said that even ten cats could not cope with the invasion of mice. We told him directly that we would not return the cat, but he did not mind.

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