A boy with a good heart shared his jacket with a dog.

A boy with a good heart shared his jacket with a dog.

There are few kind and sympathetic people in the modern world, but the act that the little boy did gives hope that humanity still has a chance for a happy existence.

Eleven-year-old Levan, who lives in the city of Tbilisi, began to be recognized not only in his native city, but throughout Georgia, and even abroad. Popularity came to the boy after he committed an nice deed in relation to the animal.

It was the beginning of winter outside. Levan left the house and was going about his business, when he suddenly saw a dog lying helplessly in the cold. The boy, without hesitation, took off his jacket and covered the animal with it to warm him. This story would have gone unnoticed if the boy’s act had not been seen by his neighbors.

Dembo, who lives with Levan in the same house, saw from the window how the boy gives his jacket to the dog. He decided to take a picture of a worthy deed and put the photo on his page on social networks. This post quickly gained popularity, and with it more than 1000 likes and enthusiastic comments.

Netizens admitted that they feel proud that they live with Levan in the same city, wished him happiness and showed gratitude to their parents for such a son. The act of the boy returned people confidence in a good future.

This post reached the local administration, which decided to invite the boy to participate in a social project, the task of which was to establish a special shelter for homeless animals.

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