A book could be written about them: a guide cat leads a blind dog.

A book could be written about them: a guide cat leads a blind dog.

A dog named Mike would probably be lost without his friend Oscar. These friends have been together for 8 years and cannot imagine their life without each other. All these years, Oscar helped and supported his best friend. He became a guide for the dog, showing everything that he needs and leading him. But the most interesting thing is that no one taught the cat this.


Pets slept next to each other, walked together, ate and played together.

The animals lived in the yard. Even in winter, Oskar stayed in the booth with his friend to keep him warm. They hugged each other. When the animals became old, they were given to a shelter so that they could find better conditions for the pets.

Thus Oscar and Mike found themselves in a shelter of a small town in Canada.

It was a difficult task to attach them, because there are few of them who want to take them. And in general, is there a person who will agree to take a blind dog? There were almost no chances, especially since the pets were already at a venerable age.

However, a miracle happened!

When the volunteers posted a story on the social network about these friends, there were immediately enough people willing to take the pets. Such feline loyalty touched many hearts. That’s how Oscar and Mike got a good hostess. Now they live in love and care.

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