A blind cat strayed to me and asked for help

A blind cat strayed to me and asked for help

When I came home from work, a cat was sitting on my fence and meowing loudly. I decided to feed the animal, and judging by the way he pounced on food, for several days he did not have a crumb in his mouth. The cat turned out to be blind, so it was really difficult for him to get food on the street.

I fed and watered the cat and then decided I couldn’t leave it outside so I took it home.

The next day, my cat and I went to the vet. The doctor diagnosed the complete absence of one eye, as well as the presence of a second eyelid on the other. In order for this eye to be able to see, it needs to be treated with drops.

A weekly course of drops did not bring any result.

Together with the cat, we visited 5 more doctors, each of them prescribed treatment, from vitamins to antibiotics. Three thousand rubles were spent only on injections, which did not give any effect.

A month of struggle did not bring any result and I resigned myself to the fact that the cat would remain blind. at this time I was advised by a good veterinarian, and I decided to try my luck one last time.

The doctor insists on the operation. First you need to sew up an empty eye socket, because it serves as a breeding ground for the development of infections. An operation is also needed on the second eye, since the eyelid is infected.

I was convinced that this cat could be helped, so I started saving money for the operation. Unfortunately, I soon lost my job. So far, I have not been able to find a new place, but I have set a goal for myself and I am sure that I will achieve it. I will definitely earn money and cure the cat.

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