5 sick puppies lay on the side of the road. Fortunately, they were noticed by kind people.

5 sick puppies lay on the side of the road. Fortunately, they were noticed by kind people.

A man was driving his car along one of the roads in New Jersey when he noticed 5 puppies on the side of the road. The animals were sick and looked simply terrifying.

Because of the disease, all the hair came out of the puppies, obviously, the owners did not want to waste time on treating the babies and simply threw them out into the street. The man realized that the puppies were still too small to survive on the street on their own, so he immediately contacted the volunteers and asked for help.

Animal rights activists picked up the puppies from the roadside and took them to the vet. Doctors found scabies on the dogs, ulcers on the body, infection of the eyes. There is absolutely no hair left on the body of the babies.

The puppies were seriously underweight. No one could say where they lived before and what happened to them, but it was obvious that in their short life they had endured a lot of suffering and they really needed help.

The veterinarian determined that the puppies were about 6 months old. Although their past was clearly bleak, they turned out to be affectionate, easily making contact with people. The veterinarian prescribed a course of antibiotics, eye drops, special nutrition, and special baths for the speedy healing of wounds on the body.

From the veterinarian, the kids went to live on overexposure. Puppies immediately found a common language with other animals. Volunteers have already begun to look for new owners for them and hope that by the end of treatment each of the puppies will have their own home.

In parallel with the treatment of babies, people are trying to understand what happened to them and where they lived before. Volunteers think that the mother of the babies may also be sick and need help.

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