"11 years of separation": a cat lost many years ago was found and gently hugged his mistress.

«11 years of separation»: a cat lost many years ago was found and gently hugged his mistress.

The cat in the yard of the American Carol O’Connell appeared unexpectedly. The animal just came into the yard and didn’t want to leave. The cat also did not make contact with the woman, preferring to stay away. Carol worked for an animal welfare organization, so she knew that time and care would help her tame an animal. The woman began to feed the cat, and he increasingly came to her yard. Sometimes the cat disappeared for a long time, but always returned. over time, Carol managed to earn the trust of the cat, he received the nickname Tiger and began to live in her house.

The tiger was 3 years old when he went out for another walk and never returned. On this day, Halloween was celebrated, there were a lot of people on the streets, everyone was noisy, perhaps this was what scared the cat. Carol searched for her pet for a long time, but in vain. After a while, the woman moved, by this moment she understood that she was not destined to meet the Tiger again.

Only 11 years later, Carol received a call from the animal shelter. Employees of the institution said that Tiger was found, and with the help of a chip, they also found Carol’s contacts.

Tiger was already quite old by this point, and life on the street left its marks in the form of numerous diseases, but the veterinarians assured Carol that none of them threatened the life of the cat.

The woman came to pick up her pet almost immediately. After such a long separation, the staff of the shelter decided to capture the meeting in a photo. The cat did not immediately recognize Carol, but then he smelled a familiar smell and settled comfortably on the woman’s shoulder.

How Tiger spent 11 years is unknown. The last months he lived on the street, and the inhabitants of one of the houses fed him, until one of them decided to take the cat to a shelter.

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