The kitty kept her last strength in the cold, but continued to warm her kittens.

The kitty kept her last strength in the cold, but continued to warm her kittens.

A warehouse worker found a cat with kittens in one of the rooms. Mom tried to hold the babies tighter, lying on the cold concrete floor. She herself froze and was very hungry, but continued to warm her children.

The story takes place in Los Angeles. A warehouse worker noticed a kitty clutching kittens, lying on a cold concrete floor and languishing with hunger. This place was definitely not suitable for raising kids.

The man decided to help the cat family, he did not want the animals to be in such harsh conditions. He called the animal rescue organization, where they immediately agreed to take the mother cat and her children under their care.

One of the volunteers Mia and her husband came to pick up the cat family and took them all. When they brought the cat and kittens home, they saw that one of the babies, unfortunately, did not survive. The kittens were all very weak and needed care.

Mia and her husband did everything to save the kittens, and the cat did not leave her kids for a second. The cat was named Mary, she was very affectionate and kind.

The couple still managed to save the cubs, and the kitty was very grateful to them for this. she immediately began to show her gratitude, purring and caressing. Mary completely trusted people.

When the kids grow up, they will find a permanent home for them, just like for their mother. And now the kittens are growing very active and healthy, and the cat continues to follow their every step.

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