Son brought home a puppy to feed, but friends need help and it stayed with us.

Son brought home a puppy to feed, but friends need help and it stayed with us.

This story of a week ago was told to us by our regular reader from Kaluga. The woman said that after many years of work, she finally found a good job with a satisfactory salary. She likes that she is not tied to her workplace all day long, and also has a formal lunch break, during which she does whatever she pleases. Usually, she said, she goes to a public cafeteria, but that day she wanted her own homemade food. So she headed home.

The son was sincerely surprised by the arrival of his mother, it was read on his face. As it turned out, he did not miss two lessons and brought home a street puppy.

Mom immediately scolded her son for his behavior. He, sobbing, explained that they had been released from school earlier, and he had brought the puppy to feed, and then he would take it to its place.

The woman decided to immediately tell her husband everything, but, to her surprise, he supported his son and offered to leave the four-legged friend at their house forever.

Involuntarily, the woman remembered that in her childhood, her parents were also always against animals in the house, and she became ashamed of her words, because she treats her child in exactly the same way as they did to her.

The woman decided to look at the puppy and, unable to resist, stroked him. And the puppy, for joy, began to lick her hands.

Since then, the puppy lives with them. And the boy remained grateful for such a gift to his parents.

From the time the puppy moved into the house, he began to make noticeable progress in his studies.

And the puppy began to respond to the nickname Bug. It is incredibly pleasant to the soul that we were able to fulfill one small dream of our child, the woman writes.

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